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Why You Should Switch to Cream Blush

Why You Should Switch to Cream Blush

Blush is the new trend these days. From crazy loaded blush across the face to subtle glowing looks, blush is the most essential product in everyone’s makeup bag, and it is an absolute must have.

With all these blush trends, there is a wide variety of types of blushes on the market today. One of the emerging blush kinds is the new and improved cream blush. Even this kind comes in multiple consistencies varying from a soft mousse texture to a smooth, spreadable liquid; cream blushes have taken over the world.

So, take this article as a sign because we’ll be telling you all the reasons why cream blush is superior to any other kind of blush and why you need to switch to it ASAP!

Why Cream Blushes Are Better 

Winters are here, and your skin is definitely showing signs of the climate with a dry texture and the lost glow. This is where cream blushes come to save your skin if you’re someone with oily skin.

While previous formulas of cream blushes were some what blotchy and slippery, brands have now come out with smooth buttery formulas enriched with vitamin E and moisturizing ingredients that will keep your skin looking dewy and fresh.

Today’s cream blush formulas glide on to give a silky smooth finish that illuminates your face’s high points and maintains an effortlessly natural look. Unlike its powder equivalents, cream blush proves to be long-lasting and moisturizing.

Cream blushes add a flushed color and sultry warmth to complete your look. While they blend seamlessly with your skin, you can achieve a variety of looks with this versatile product.

Tips for Using Cream Blush 

Now that we’ve shown you why you need cream blush in your life, here are some of our top tips to keep you looking fresh and dewy with your new cream blush.

  1. Warming it all up: Cream blushes tend to get cold as the weather cools down. Before application, it is best to warm up the product between your fingers or on your palms to ensure a smooth application. 2. Blush after foundation: Following the same pattern as powdered blush, apply cream blush on top of your foundation. Blend the product using your fingers or a beauty sponge. You will find that the product buffs out beautifully and melts into your skin.3. Buffing it out is key: Cream products tend to be more pigmented than their powdered counterparts, so buffing them out is essential in maintaining that fresh, dewy look you’ve been seeing everywhere. We suggest that you start off with a small amount and build up later to control the pigment. 4. Using the right technique: So, to blend out your cream blush perfectly, the rick is within your hands. Your body’s natural warmth helps to melt the product directly into your skin. So take up the desired amount on your fingers and pat upwards your face, accentuating your features with that pop of color. 5. A hack for oily skin: If you have oily skin and you’re worried about the powder slipping off your skin, we’ve got a hack for you. With your cream blush, pick up a translucent powder or a powder blush in a similar color. Pat on the powdered product to matte-up the look and lock it in place for hours. By adding powder blush, you can double the pigment while making it long-lasting!


Now you can rock that dewy flushed look like every trendy influencer! With these tips and tricks, we’re sure that cream blush might just become your go-to product as well. Get your blush on!