The 7 Best At-Home Dip Powder Kits For Your Next Spa Day

Dip powder manicures are quickly becoming the trendiest alternative to gel and acrylic nails. Dip powder lasts just as long as gels or acrylics, and its innovative application method has some benefits over other types of manicures. With dip powder, the nail technician paints on a clear coat of polish and dips the nail into a colorful powder, which instantly dries without the need for a UV light. The powder is stainless, odorless, and often infused with vitamins and calcium.

But while an in-salon dip powder manicure is a fun way to pamper yourself, it’s also pricy. It can cost anywhere from $30 to $50, and grows out in two to four weeks. But now, plenty of beauty brands are selling at-home dip powder manicure kits so you can do your nails yourself. It takes a bit of practice to nail the technique, but these seven at-home kits make doing your own dip powder nails simple and easy.