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The Results Are In: These Are the Most Mind-Blowing Skin-Care Launches of the Year So Far

To refine a phrase from the late, great Benjamin Franklin, there are but three things in this life that are certain: death, taxes, and, like clockwork every year, New Year’s resolutions. If your preparing yours early (we salute your organization) and they have anything to do with skin care — be it to adopt a new routine, save money, or (for god’s sake) stop falling asleep before washing your face at night — you’ll be happy to know there’s been a bevy of new skin-care products that launched in 2020 that will make self-improvement that much easier.

Starting now, you’ll be able to scoop up affordable micellar wipes to stash in your bedside table, a solid serum fit for royalty, a face cream that smells like, feels like, and will more than likely induce a craving for banana pudding, and so much more. The amount of options is overwhelming, so to help you narrow down your shopping list — and because you only have one face to work with — we tried dozens of skin-care formulas to find the ones worth trying.

Check out our favorite skin-care launches of the year in the slides ahead. That way you can spend your hard-earned Benjamins on other musts (like those taxes . . .).

50 Halloween Costumes That Are Really Just An Excuse to Show Off Colorful Hair

Show off your colorful hair this Halloween with a costume that highlights it like never before. Step out as a redhead with a Little Mermaid-inspired look or take your pink-splattered hair to the next level when you channel Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. Try out multicolored hair with a Ruby Rose-esque buzz cut or a black and white Cruella de Vil style.

These Halloween hair ideas were made to make the tip-top of you the center of attention, so whether you want to bring attention to your natural hue or spice things up with a totally new shade, this inspiration guarantees a good hair day.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


My Favorite Shoes + Booties Right Now

I would never call myself a “shoe” person. They don’t excite me like, say, lipstick or a new handbag does, so I look for comfort, classic style, and something that will look good through lots of wear. I’m hard on my shoes so I need them to hold up against excessive use!

Some of my best shoe purchases are pictured above, and I’m breaking down why I love them below!

J.Crew Laney Pumps. Unfortunately these are sold out ( but I’m hoping they bring them back AND IN GREY ::J.Crew are you listening?::) For times that I need or want to be a little dressed up, these suede pumps are what I always grab. They are flattering as heck on my legs, and the neutral taupe shade goes with everything. Here is a similar pair that is currently on sale.

Vince Janna Low Top Sneaker. Unfortunately these are sold out, but I found a similar style here! These are my go to for any casual outfit when I’m going to be out all day. They are super comfortable and I like the design of the sneaker with leather and suede.

Vince Blair Slip-on Sneaker. I got these in white via Trunk Club several years ago and wore the junk out of them. I actually got an identical replacement pair because I wore my original ones so much! This is a grey shade that I’m certain I’ll get a ton of wear out of.

Vince Camuto Femils Flat. I’m not a huge fan of flats, but these were too good to pass up. I love that they have the black toe detail and that they are MACHINE WASHABLE!

Vince Havana Notch Bootie. I was totally focused on getting these booties last year and I’m so glad I did! They are my ideal heel height, the notch detail at the front is very flattering by elongating my legs, and the color is perfect for what I typically wear in the fall and winter. Here is a similar pair!

16 Cream Blushes That Will Make Your Makeup Routine Easier Than Ever

Our makeup routine right now is a little bit more minimal, and we’re very much alright with that. One of our favorite products is blush, and right now, it feels like everyone we know is wearing cream blush. We can think of a few reasons for this; one, it’s super easy to apply, and two, it looks super natural, like a real flush of color. If you’re running to a Zoom call or just want to give your look a little something extra, reach for these 16 cream blushes.

Whether you want a natural, peachy color or something more vibrant and statement making, these colors will become part of your everyday routine. A lot of them also make great eyeshadows or lip tints, and we love a versatile product. Keep on reading to shop our selects.


Kesha’s Skin-Care Routine Involves Sheet Masking Her Butt, ‘Cause It Deserves Love, Too

Kesha gets just as excited about her skin care as the rest of us. In her first unboxing video posted to her YouTube channel, the singer shared that especially while being stuck inside, skin care has given her something to look forward to, and we couldn’t agree more. For Kesha, who launched her eponymous beauty line, Kesha Rose, late last year, taking care of her skin isn’t just limited to her face — her obsession with hydration and collecting sheet masks extends to an important, often forgotten area of her body: her butt.

“I found these butt masks and now it’s kind of my thing. I’m like, butt-mask lady.”

As she excitedly opened a box of Bawdy Beauty’s butt masks and balms, the singer explained she first discovered butt masks at the beginning of quarantine, and she’s been masking her behind ever since. “I wanted to give my butt love,” she said. “My butt deserves love . . . I found these butt masks and now it’s kind of my thing. I’m like, butt-mask lady.”

Kesha went on to explain that she has her longtime boyfriend, Brad Ashenfelter, help her apply the masks while she lays flat on her stomach, though he’s not a huge fan of the task. “By the end of quarantine, I’ll have the coolest butt in all the land, just watch,” the sheet mask enthusiast said. If the radiant skin on her face is any indication, I definitely trust Kesha on this one. She also unboxed skin-care products from 111SKIN and Peter Thomas Roth, as she chatted about the importance of hydrating her skin. Watch her hilarious yet honest video above, and ahead, shop Kesha’s favorite butt sheet masks.

21 Wigs From Amazon That’ll Take Your Halloween Costume to The Next Level

Finding the perfect wig for your Halloween costume is like putting the icing on a cake: it’s what ties everything together. So if you’re brainstorming frightful or fancy styles to wear come Oct. 31 (no matter what your plans are) buying your wig from Amazon is probably one of the best decisions you can make. The retailer is home to plenty of hairpieces that complement nearly every Halloween costume you can think of. Want to finally take part in this year’s mullet trend? There’s a wig for that. How about a silver wig to complete your Lady Gaga-inspired costume? Yup, you’ll be able to find one of those too. The best part? Most of the wigs available are superaffordable so your look won’t break the bank, and you won’t feel bad for buying a product you’ll likely never wear again.

Ahead, check out some of our favorite Halloween wigs on Amazon.

The 7 Best At-Home Dip Powder Kits For Your Next Spa Day

Dip powder manicures are quickly becoming the trendiest alternative to gel and acrylic nails. Dip powder lasts just as long as gels or acrylics, and its innovative application method has some benefits over other types of manicures. With dip powder, the nail technician paints on a clear coat of polish and dips the nail into a colorful powder, which instantly dries without the need for a UV light. The powder is stainless, odorless, and often infused with vitamins and calcium.

But while an in-salon dip powder manicure is a fun way to pamper yourself, it’s also pricy. It can cost anywhere from $30 to $50, and grows out in two to four weeks. But now, plenty of beauty brands are selling at-home dip powder manicure kits so you can do your nails yourself. It takes a bit of practice to nail the technique, but these seven at-home kits make doing your own dip powder nails simple and easy.

Button-less Pants for Fall

I lived in pull-on shorts in the summer, and I plan to continue that trend right into the fall.

OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTenElevenTwelve (similar).

Since many of us are working from home now, when we were otherwise heading into an office, it’s safe to say that getting dressed for the day has taken a sharp turn into the “casual” category. And beyond that, a zoom call really only shows the top half of your outfit, so *really* most of us only need to get half dressed up to be seen by coworkers.

And that is why I present to you the best pants options for sitting at your desk at home for work: pull-on pants.

There is not a button in sight.

The key to balancing an outfit like this is if the pants are wide-leg or drapey, go with a more fitted top. Conversely, if the pants are more tailored (like a jogger), you can get away with a looser top.

I included a few easy shoe options just for kicks (pun intended), but I won’t tell anyone if you just wear slippers all day.

Lush Just Dropped 3 New Products to Give Your Hands Some TLC

Lush knows that we’re all still stressing the importance of keeping our hands squeaky clean — but they also know that many of us are suffering from dry hands because of our constant scrubbing. In light of this, the brand has officially released a series of new hand-care kits for when the act of frequent washing takes a toll on our hands.

The kits in question were personally curated by Lush UK co-founders Mark and Mo Constantine using some of the brand’s most beloved products. They’re available in three separate themes — Clean & Fresh As, Clean & Calm, and Clean & Sweet — and each one comes with four items: two kinds of soaps, a moisturizer, and a hand serum. The Clean & Fresh As kit comes with fresh, citrusy scents while the Clean & Sweet set includes more delicate fragrances that are on the sweeter side, and Clean & Calm comes with soaps and lotions with ingredients like lavender that are meant to relax you.

Each hand-care kit retails for about $33, and they’re all available now over on Lush’s official website. Check them out ahead to shop.

10 Beauty Gifts That Look Expensive . . . but Actually Cost Less Than $25 at Sephora

No matter the season, chances are you have at least one friend or family member celebrating something these days. (If not, isn’t getting through the summer enough cause for celebration in itself?!) From fall birthdays to BFF cheer-up gifts, Sephora has plenty of beauty goodies you actually may be tempted to buy twice — one for your pal and one for yourself.

Or, perhaps you’re ready to get a jumpstart on holiday lists now? (If this is you, we salute you and truly envy your planning skills.) Regardless of the reason you have to shop, we picked out 10 glamorous gifts that cost $25 or less at Sephora . . . but are worth so much more. Check them out ahead.