Lush Just Dropped 3 New Products to Give Your Hands Some TLC

Lush knows that we’re all still stressing the importance of keeping our hands squeaky clean — but they also know that many of us are suffering from dry hands because of our constant scrubbing. In light of this, the brand has officially released a series of new hand-care kits for when the act of frequent washing takes a toll on our hands.

The kits in question were personally curated by Lush UK co-founders Mark and Mo Constantine using some of the brand’s most beloved products. They’re available in three separate themes — Clean & Fresh As, Clean & Calm, and Clean & Sweet — and each one comes with four items: two kinds of soaps, a moisturizer, and a hand serum. The Clean & Fresh As kit comes with fresh, citrusy scents while the Clean & Sweet set includes more delicate fragrances that are on the sweeter side, and Clean & Calm comes with soaps and lotions with ingredients like lavender that are meant to relax you.

Each hand-care kit retails for about $33, and they’re all available now over on Lush’s official website. Check them out ahead to shop.