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Glamorous At Home Acupressure for Your Ears

Glamorous At Home Acupressure for Your Ears

Eastern medicine has been helping people feel better and stay healthy for thousands of years. The art of acupuncture is an ancient field of study and is one of the most validated forms of alternative medicine that western medicine recognizes as effective for pain management.

What Is Acupressure?

Used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, acupressure is the practice of transmitting a signal to the body (by use of a needle or some other device) to essentially stimulate the body to turn on its own natural self-healing or regulating mechanisms. Eastern doctors believe that an energy called Qi (or “vital energy”) naturally circulates through the body in consistent channels they call “meridians”. By blocking this movement of energy from one place to the next causes an imbalance in the “Yin and Yang” (internal balance of metabolism) and may even cause sickness and pain as a result of the shift of energy. Acupressure as a practice seeks to remedy any energy imbalances in the body and return the normal bodily rhythms back to a state of perfect balance of metabolic processes.

If acupuncture is performed regularly, this form of self-massage can cause notable improvement in pain and even minimize the recurrence of symptoms. Some primary rules of the acupuncturist are to be gentle and persistent when performing the massage. The simplest approach is to stimulate certain pressure points by pressing the finger tightly and then kneading in a rotary motion or up-and-down motion for a few minutes at a time. Inform your doctor of any changes you are planning to make in your healthcare, including initiating acupuncture into your wellness routine

What Is The Ear Seed Kit?

There are many pressure points located in the ear. With auricular point acupressure or needleless acupressure to the ear, several pressure points can be massaged with a small bead, which can cause relief of chronic pain according to many.

Place one of the provided seeds in the ear. Note the pressure points on the chart to help guide you. Lightly apply pressure, and massage the bead into the flesh of the ear. Repeat the procedure. With any luck, you will feel some sort of relaxation or relief. This handy kit has all the things you need to begin self-acupressure at home. Place a bead for the same problem in both ears, and it will be secure with an adhesive. Leave the beads in both ears for 3-5 days. It is ok, and sometimes advisable to treat more than one problem at a time with acupressure beads. For instance: treating both detox pressure points and digestion pressure points have been found to provide significant relief to former students of auricular point acupressure.

Trying Out Ancient Alternatives To Pharmaceuticals

It has taken a while for western medicine to make note of the ear seeds, and the potential benefits they might have for sufferers of chronic pain. The fact that ear seed acupressure is a very affordable treatment for chronic pain, as well as a variety of cancer symptoms including fatigue, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, and various other disorders related to chronic illness is beginning to erase skepticism by western caregivers as an effective alternative treatment to lessen reliance upon addictive and dangerous narcotic pain medicines and other pharmaceuticals with dubious reputations.

Ear Seeds For Pain Relief: Acupuncture Made Easy

Ear seeds are affordable and very simple to use. They have been used for centuries to bring relief to all areas of the body. By following the enclosed chart, pressure points on the ears can be massaged to bring relief to the neck, shoulder, and low back pain. Digestion issues can be treated with ear beads, as well as sexual dysfunction. Relief of stress, ability to focus and even a pressure point to aid in detoxing the body of excess waste is in the ear. Lastly, pressure points for digestion or dietary problems, and symptoms of allergies and colds are noted on an easy to use chart. A total of 40 ear seeds and a set of tweezers come with the kit, which has everything you need to begin self-acupressure for the relief of chronic illness.