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Everything you need to know about lash care

Everything you need to know about lash care

There are important things you should know about caring for false lashes.  Always make sure when you buy them that the box has not been opened.  You don’t want any contamination on them. They would make the lashes not safe to use on your eyes if this was the case.  Make sure you have the proper glue, so you don’t have a hard time taking them off to reuse later.  They can be stored up to a week or more depending on how well you take care of them. Do not sleep with false lashes on because they could irritate your eyes and be harder to take off.  When you are taking them off be careful not to pull them off fast.  You don’t want to pull your own lashes out.  You can do two ways to take them off.  Very gently start from the outside end and peel slowly.  The other way is to start in the center and pull down very gently.  If you still have a hard time, then you can use a little eye makeup remover to help.  If that still does not work well, you can use coconut oil. Do not use a lot, just enough to loosen them.  Make sure you take the false lashes off before you remove all your makeup.  If you remove your makeup first, then you could have residue left on the hands and face and come in contact with the false lashes and you don’t want that.  This way nothing greasy will get on the lashes.  You will then have a clean pallet to work with.

Now you will hold the false lashes and take the glue off the band that holds the lashes in place.  You need to be very careful with them.  If you are not careful then you will pull the lashes off the band and you don’t want to do that.  Then you won’t be able to use them again. Take the false eyelashes and put them on a paper towel to take the glue off.  Dab makeup remover across the band with a q- tip on one side first.   Do not use your fingernail to do this process.  It will cause damage to the lashes.   The lashes are soft and delicate, so use your fingertip to take the glue off. You can also use a pair of tweezers to gently remove the glue that’s left. You will then do the same thing to the other side of the false lashes.  Do the other false lashes the same way, and then you have both done.  Next take the false lashes and soak them in warm water with a little eye makeup remover, just enough to make sure all the glue is off. Make sure there is no residue left on the lashes.  Let them dry on a paper towel.  If you find that after they dry the band that holds the false eyelashes is lighter you can take a black liquid eyeliner and gently draw a very thin line on it.  They will look as good as new.  

When they are completely dry put them back on the plastic card they came on.  You can put them in the same place, so they look like they haven’t been taken off yet.  Then put them in the original box they came in.  This way you will get many uses out of the same pair.  It can get expensive if you don’t do this and you have to buy a new pair every time you want to wear false eyelashes.  The more expensive the false eyelashes are the longer they will last.  If you buy a cheap pair, chances are you will have to replace them after the first use.  

Look at this process of caring and babying the false eyelashes as taking care of your hair when drying, curling and not wanting to do any damage.