21 Wigs From Amazon That’ll Take Your Halloween Costume to The Next Level

Finding the perfect wig for your Halloween costume is like putting the icing on a cake: it’s what ties everything together. So if you’re brainstorming frightful or fancy styles to wear come Oct. 31 (no matter what your plans are) buying your wig from Amazon is probably one of the best decisions you can make. The retailer is home to plenty of hairpieces that complement nearly every Halloween costume you can think of. Want to finally take part in this year’s mullet trend? There’s a wig for that. How about a silver wig to complete your Lady Gaga-inspired costume? Yup, you’ll be able to find one of those too. The best part? Most of the wigs available are superaffordable so your look won’t break the bank, and you won’t feel bad for buying a product you’ll likely never wear again.

Ahead, check out some of our favorite Halloween wigs on Amazon.